We've heard several conflicting reports about the bar brawl that erupted between Drake and Chris Brown. Now a third hip-hop star has entered the conversation to offer his perspective about the night in question.

According to Meek Mill, neither Chris Brown nor Drake threw any bottles. He's blaming it on the women at the club, who he claims did toss champagne bottles at one another.

And in case you were concerned about Meek Mill's current standing with Brown, Meek Mill told XXL Magazine that there is no beef between them. When asked if he was involved at all, Meek Mill said, "Fuck no."

So whatever lawsuits emerge from this bar fight, Meek Mill will likely not be involved. It's worth noting that so far, none of the witnesses stories really match up — and we still don't have a clear picture of what went down at Club W.i.P.

The less these accounts coincide, the harder it will be for the victims to earn financial recompense.

[Image via Jinphotography/WENN.com]