Today, Florida prosecutors released taped phone conversations between George Zimmerman and his wife Shellie while Zimmerman was incarcerated. Under serious discussion: the website with which Zimmerman was able to raise over $130,000 dollars in donations.

Shellie Zimmerman's knowledge of these funds and her complicity in lying to the court is what led to her arrest for perjury.

In the recorded conversations, Shellie Zimmerman can be heard telling her husband that his website crashed due to the massive amount of traffic. George Zimmerman was pleased to hear about the support he was receiving.

Oh, man, that feels good… that there are people in America that care.

On a later occasion, when he was told about continued Zimmerman defenders, he said—

Wow, that is awesome. Those people need to start vocalizing themselves.

As the L.A. Times notes, however, none of Zimmerman's monetary backers have come forward. Where are the supporters who were able to raise such a massive amount of money in a short period of time?

Of course, these people may not want to out themselves due to the backlash they might receive. Zimmerman's lawyer Mark O'Mara continues to speak about the "significant threats" made against his client and his client's family.

But if these people were so sure of Zimmerman's justification in shooting Trayvon Martin, why haven't any of them come forward to explain their donations? Outside of Zimmerman's family, none of Zimmerman's supporters have put their mouths where their money is.

[Image via AP]