There are two sides to every story — and usually considerably more than that — but part of the thrill of a one-man show is being able to tell only yours.

Which is to say, while Mike Tyson's Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth promises a raw look at the boxer's troubled life, it's probably worth considering the source.

Regardless, Undisputed Truth will soon be making its Broadway debut, giving New York's theater critics a chance to judge for themselves. The production, which will be directed by Spike Lee, begins its six-night engagement at the Longacre Theatre on July 31.

Tyson says that the show is structured around "the stories in my life that were basically in the headlines."

The underlining story: My relationship with my wife, my conviction, my upbringing, the death of my mother ... just who I was as a child back then, and who I am now.

Undisputed Truth was written by his wife, Kiki Tyson, and director Randy Johnson.

Spike Lee calls Tyson's Truth "a great American story." (All the great American stories feature vicious ear biting and rape convictions.) No word on whether or not this show incorporates any singing — the Vegas version didn't, but hey, this is Broadway.

[Image via AP]