Professional skateboarder and MTV reality star Rob Dyrdek is jumping on the frozen food bandwagon at last. Along with his cousin Chris "Drama" Pfaff, Dyrdek has founded Loud Mouth Burritos, a company specializing in frozen burritos for really stoned people.

What makes these burritos unique pothead food? The contents are basically only appealing if you're super high.

The "Fantasy Factory" duo is hawking two options for now: Cheeseburger — stuffed with hamburger meat, cheese, ketchup and mustard ... and Pepperoni Pizza — with mozzarella, pepperoni and tomato sauce.

A burrito with ketchup and mustard is just the kind of dietary madness THC has been known to inspire. Kudos to Dyrdek and Drama for tapping into that hungry, hungry market.

Also, the burritos have — wait for it — 420 calories, which is a pretty cute gimmick. Also something to keep in mind when you're ravenously munching down your sixth one.

Right now, Loud Mouth Burritos are only available in select convenience stores, but the company is hoping to expand by the end of the summer. Use your half-lidded bloodshot eyes to look for these culinary abominations at a location near you.

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