Looks like Australian Hollie C. and basketball player Tony Parker weren't the only innocent bystanders caught in the crossfire between Chris Brown and Drake during their recent bar brawl. Two new victims have come forward claiming they were injured in the fight.

First, there's 21-year-old model Ingrid Gutierrez, whose lawyer Sal Strazzullo spoke to E! News about his client's involement. Gutierrez was at Brown's table when the fight broke out.

[Ingrid] was with Chris Brown and his entourage just having a good time...she was at his table...right next to him when this occurred. She was just having a good time, a 21-year-old out, a young lady at a nightclub in Manhattan and all of a sudden a bottle came from [the direction of] the Drake table.

Attached to the bottle was a note, which allegedly made mention of Rihanna — but Strazzullo can't say with certainty what it said.

Strazzullo was quick to defend Brown, claiming that he was a complete gentleman throughout the night and even defended Gutierrez once the fighting started. At some point, however, Gutierrez suffered a blow to the head that sent her to the hospital. And given her line of work, her recovery is likely far from over.

Basically like any model…your looks are everything and with today's technology, with HD, a small scar, even though this one is not small, is going to be magnified to look really severe.

The lawyer insists the club's surveillance tapes will show who instigated the brawl. Hint: not Chris Brown.

But a less biased report has emerged from victim Lucy Pavlovsky, whose lawyer Javier Solano contacted TMZ. Pavlovsky allegedly received a gash on her arm that required 12 stitches — and she is planning to sue the responsible parties.

Unlike Gutierrez, Pavlovsky isn't so sure who started it. Solano was not able to name either Chris Brown or Drake as possible defendants in the lawsuit, but he did heavily hint that they could be involved.

At this moment we are exploring all options on who will become a defendant. I can assure you that regardless of fame, money or stature, the people responsible will be held accountable.

Pavlovsky was also interviewed on Friday by the NYPD, who are trying to piece together the details of the murky bar fight.

But let's not overlook the most recent victim in the Chris Brown-Drake brawl: the nightclub where it all went down. The club W.i.P in SoHo was shut down by the police last night. "Code violations" were cited, but there aren't many details past that. As more and more victims come forward, however, the W.i.P nightclub does seem hazardous to one's health.

[Image via AP/Matt Sayles and Chris Pizzello]