The recent New York Times article about how a different random Swede mans Sweden's official Twitter account every week filled us with wonder: Imagine a country where ordinary citizens can be trusted to represent the entire nation on the world stage! So, we loaded up @Sweden this morning to check out this wonderful experiment in democratic public relations and... oh. She's talking about Jews.

It was apparently meant to be a comment on how mystifying anti-Semitism is, but it was a bit... off. And she kept digging, deep into the loamy Swedish soil:

27-year-old Sonja Abrahamsson, a mother of two aned Sweden's official Twitter "curator" this week has been entertainingly wacky, for the most part. (She tweeted the picture above.) There was a cringey Hitler joke, but who hasn't made a cringey Hitler joke on the internet? But as she continued to meditate on Jews this morning, she finally ventured into territory that swallowed Business Insider's Henry Blodget just recently: Asking, Why do people hate Jews?

Sonja quickly went off to "do stuff." This probably won't end the @Sweden experiment for good—it's already weathered live-breast-feeding and masturbation tweets. But Sonja did prove once again that if you want to know why people hate Jews, do not turn to random people on the internet for an answer. It's like trying to light a candle with a neutron bomb.

Here's the crash-and-burn in real-time:

Update: New York Times reporter Jennifer Preston is apparently giving @Sweden the benefit of the doubt, asking "Were you hacked?" But we're guessing it was all Sonja. This is a woman who calls herself Sonja "Hitler" Abrahamsson in the bio section of her blog. And check out this YouTube lipdub Sonja did to Kelis' "Bossy."