This is Noah. Noah is drinking root beer for the first time. Naturally, Noah loves it, because root beer is delicious. But is root beer also a form of child abuse?

Yes! say dozens of people on YouTube who think Noah's adorable babble is actually a harbinger of health problems to come.

"ONWARD TO OBESITY!!!!" exclaims the top comment. "It's like instant autism," concludes another. "Every time i see a parent feeding their kids soda i want to punch them in the face," proclaims a third.

And then there's one that simply reads "bath salts."

But is it truly that bad? Should Noah be forcibly removed from his home as some of the more ostensibly concerned YouTubers suggest? Should we even be paying mind to the pearls of an anonymous Internet dweller who thinks Noah's father is "an asocial bastard" for "giving a 3 year old boy alcohol"?

Probably not. Then again, YouTuber commenters are unwaveringly confident in their veracity, so maybe they're right. Maybe "babies are stupid."

You decide.

[H/T: Videogum]