Residents of Blackburn were treated to quite a display as two rival ice cream vendors went at it in the middle of the road after months of rising tensions over a territorial dispute.

Zeheer "Mr. Yummy" Ramzan claims he "felt threatened" by Mohammed "Mr. Whippy" Mulla, but did not mean to break his window with a tire iron. "I didn't mean to smash his window I just tapped it too hard," Ramzan told the Lancashire Telegraph.

But Mulla — who retaliated by crashing his truck into Ramzan's van — disputes Mr. Yummy's version of events, saying Ramzan — who is from Halifax in neighboring West Yourkshire — has been tailing him and "muscling in on my patch" for months.

"I have complained to the council and the police," he said. "Hopefully now people will listen."

The police have since launched an investigation, and the local council has promised to review if any licence terms have been breached.

Meanwhile, witnesses are still trying to process the surreal altercation. "I couldn't believe it when Mr Yummy jumped out of his van and smashed Mr Whippy's window," said resident John Tighe. "You just don't expect that around here."

[video via Mobsymobs]