39-year-old Raymond Dolin of West Virginia was rushed to the hospital Saturday night after falling victim to a random drive-by while waiting for a ride by the side of Highway 2 in Montana.

Adding insult to injury, Dolin is said to be in the midst of penning a memoir entitled The Kindness of America.

Fort Peck tribal officers arrested Charles Lloyd Danielson III in Culbertson a short time later, and charged the 52-year-old with felony assault with a weapon and driving under the influence.

"It appears to be an absolute random event," said Valley County Sheriff Glen Meier of the shooting. "They did not know each other. They did not have a confrontation. He just drove up there and shot him. We're unclear as to why."

There might be hope for Dolin's book yet: The first person to come to his aid after the shooting was a passing motorist.

He is currently recovering from non-life-threatening injuries at Frances Mahon Deaconess Hospital. Danielson was booked into the Roosevelt County Detention Center and will make his first court appearance today.

[photo via Shutterstock]