Hanging up shitty student art is a time-honored school tradition, but one particular picture is stirring controversy at Fresno's Hamilton School. That's because it's a drawing of Jesus with the caption, "I want you to kill all infidels."

Parent Chris Alfaro, himself a Christian, has lodged a complaint.

I do believe common sense tells you, hey this may not be appropriate for a k through 8 school, right in the main lobby where each child passes on their way to school and home.

Although he called to complain, the school has not taken the picture down.

Apparently, the assignment was to draw a "help wanted" poster for soldiers in the Crusades, which explains the picture's threatening words but not much else. Of course, it could be worse — the drawing's Jesus could actually be murdering Muslims instead of telling other people to do it on his behalf.

Despite the fact that the art is historically accurate — minus the more modern military language — Rabbi Rick Winer is another critic of its placement in the public school.

If we want to encourage people to learn the lessons of post Crusades or post Holocaust, I generally find it's more effective to do it through images of peace as opposed to images of horror.

Sure, but does "Love each other" have the same ring to it as "I want you to kill all infidels"?

Hamilton School's principal did finally invite Alfaro and his wife to come in and speak about their objections — but only after Action News called the school for its side of the story.

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