There are two sides to every story — especially when both sides were involved in a fairly big accident. On Friday, Lindsay Lohan rammed her rented Porsche into an 18-wheeler, a crash the truck driver alleges Lohan's people tried to cover up. Now Lohan is firing back — at least, by way of TMZ's semi-credible sources.

TMZ reports that Lohan thinks the truck driver is full of shit. There was no attempted bribe, no mysterious pink bag filled with bath salts or the Elephant Man's bones, no attempt to cover any of this up.

Lohan reportedly believes that this is all just an attempt to make some money off the situation — which, fair enough. She'll soon have those Liz & Dick dollars rolling in. And the truck driver, who has made more than one statement to TMZ, does seem to like the attention.

As for why the crash happened, the latest story from Lohan (again, by way of her "friends" reporting to TMZ) is that her brakes failed.

According to our sources, Lindsay is sticking with the "truck cut me off!!!" story, but with a twist ... she claims she slammed on the brakes ... but nothing. And get this ... somehow Lindsay says she was told the brakes on the rental were replaced two days before the crash.

The plot thickens — is there a vague suggestion that someone may have tampered with the brakes? Could this entire accident have been staged to get Lindsay out of the picture? (The Liz Taylor biopic, to be specific.)

Unfortunately, we may never know, not as long as we keep hearing about all of this secondhand. But stay tuned — chances are Lohan, the truck driver, and perhaps even a representative from the car rental company will continue to offer conflicting reports on Friday's accident.

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