Joey Lawrence is still a thing, and apparently so is Chippendales. The two have partnered up for a special limited engagement at the Rio Las Vegas Hotel and Casino.

Lawrence is, of course, best known for being a teen heartthrob on Blossom — as much as ABC Family would like us to associate him with Melissa & Joey. And at 36, he is looking really, really good. Silly Chippendales bowtie aside, I would not turn down the chance to watch him dance.

Incidentally, he's performing through June 24, if anyone wants to head over to Vegas and make this a reality.

Here's hoping Lawrence's weird Chippendales gig is the beginning of a new trend where former teen hunks who are still in decent shape take off their clothes for our enjoyment. Frankly, they kind of owe us after the whole Screech sex tape debacle a few years back.

[Image via Splash]