Yesterday, Lindsay Lohan was involved in a pretty bad accident — involved meaning she crashed her rented Porsche into an 18-wheeler. Lohan allegedly claimed that the truck had cut her off.

But that doesn't mesh with the story the truck driver is telling TMZ.

According to his version of events, Lohan and her assistant got out of the wrecked Porsche and into an Escalade, which was somehow associated with the Lifetime movie she's filming. James the truck driver called 911 because it looked like Lohan was trying to flee the scene — at which point he saw Lohan's assistant fill a pink bag with "something," then top it with clothes.

James tried to exchange information with Lohan, whom he claims he did not recognize, but the Escalade driver intervened, allegedly offering to go to a bank and withdraw money.

The story James tells is somewhat damning, if true.

[The Escalade driver] and [Lohan's assistant] took me across the street and told me this was some kind of famous person and they didn't want to be in the media. But I'd already called 911 because they were trying to get away from the scene. But they packed a bag and then the limousine driver told me, "Don't mention the bag to the cops."

Now it's time to play everyone's favorite guessing game — What Was in That Pink Bag?

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