Looks like Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are pulling a sort of Joaquin Phoenix I'm Not There thing, but with way more Smartwater. The couple are currently working on a short film parodying Aniston's life, rife with frenzied paparazzi, hushed will she or won't she baby rumors, and all the general "tabloid interest in Jennifer's life." Que cinematique!

Says The Post:

The movie will poke fun at nonstop speculation that Aniston could marry or get pregnant. The film, produced for Smartwater, is planned to be a new viral ad for the water brand she promotes.

"Hahah, see! See why it's funny?! It's funny because it's true! See? SEE!" Aniston will giggle maniacally to the production team, while they exchange furtive looks under lowered lashes and avoid eye contact with Justin. "Let's take it from the top!"

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