Hold on to your butt, Kim Kardashian, because Kris Humphries has supposedly moved on to another woman with curves so round and hair so dark. Her name is Fatmire Myla Sinanaj—it's Myla, actually—and she is in trouble for saying mean things about Bruce Jenner's face on Twitter.

Though Humphries was emphatic about not dating until after the divorce had been finalized, sources are reporting that he and 25-year-old Sinanaj have been dating for the past five months. Unfortunately for her, his reps deny the relationship, claiming that he and Sinanaj have only "casually hooked up." Sinanaj, who works at a five-star New York hotel, supposedly met Kris on a beach in Miami when, in a fortuitous gift from the gods above, he happened to be there for a photoshoot. Sure. Says Kris, he and Myla were neighbors in Miami though they hadn't actually met until the day at the beach.

TMZ, however, tells it a little differently. They claim that she and Kris have been dating since January and that their Miami Beach meet-cute was no coincidence at all. Rather, Humphries had flown Myla out from New York to spend the weekend with him in Miami.

"Say my name, say my name. When no one is around, you say baby I love you. Why the sudden change?"—Myla Sinanaj.

After news of the relationship broke, Sinanaj's Twitter, which has since been deleted, was scanned for evidence of girlfriend-versus-ex-girlfriend beef, stretching back to January when their relationship allegedly began.

Here is what she had to say about Bruce Jenner:

Bruce Jenner's face scares me- it should be on the 'Why not to get plastic surgery' poster.

And of Kanye West, whose new track "Theraflu" supposedly refers to Kim:

[Kanye should be] bigger than taking petty shots at sh*t that got nothing to do with him. Lost respect.

And maybe passive-aggressively, of Kim herself:

Looks like JLO.

Whether she really is Kris' girlfriend or not, here she is swirling around on the Internet and slowly elbowing her way into our brains, so it seems like she's getting what she wanted. The question is, where will Myla go from here? Will she remain by the side of her basketball Ent for another five months, morphing slowly into a Courtney Stodden-like Twitter presence? Or will she fade into the shadows of discarded celebrity rebounds? Only time will tell.

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