Miami police officers are being warned to proceed with caution "when dealing with the homeless population" following a second drug-fueled "zombie" attack in as many weeks.

On May 26th, 31-year-old Rudy Eugene was shot and killed by a Miami PD officer while he was gnawing on 65-year-old Ronald Poppo's face. A designer drug known as "bath salts" has been linked to the attack, though no conclusive evidence of its involvement has yet to be presented.

Last Saturday, 21-year-old homeless man Brandon De Leon was arrested while high on bath salts after he entered a restaurant and began hurling obscenities at patrons. He growled at his arresting officers and threatened to eat them.

Police say De Leon was using a strain of bath salts known as "Cloud Nine," which they say can be purchased over the counter despite being "addictive and dangerous."

It's worth noting that De Leon had also consumed an entire bottle of rum and a can of Four Loko prior to the attack, and also tested positive for marijuana and Xanax.

In the aftermath of Eugene's attack, his girlfriend told the press she believed he was "drugged unknowingly," and offered up the possibility of a voodoo curse.

As police in the South brace for additional "zombie attacks," a second Northeastern flesh-eating assault was recorded Tuesday afternoon.

Police in New Haven arrested 38-year-old Lowpel Davis after she stole a wig from a store and bolted. According to the report, when Davis spotted the store owner and his father chasing her, she turned around and bit off a piece of the owner's bicep, then spit it in his face.

Though it is unknown if drugs were involved, police did note that Davis looked "crazed."

[screengrab via WMBF]