In a tweet purporting to be from the official account of Chris Brown, the R&B singer threatens "that damn granny bitch" Cher with "a beating" over her "opinion against Obama."

The tweet has been making the rounds on various social networks, prompting Brown to tweet at Cher today to inform her that the "some of ur fans like @cherarmy1 are spreading false accusations," adding that he has "the utmost respect for u as an artist."

Earlier, @chartarm1 asked the diva how she feels "about Chris Brown saying he was gonna hit you," to which she replied: "I don't know. Is that something he's particularly good at?"

Brown was arrested in 2009 and charged with viciously assaulting his then-girlfriend Rihanna.

The hoax tweet, which was likely created using a website that allows user to mimic the Twitter account of any celeb, joins the pantheon of "punchlines" made at Brown's expense in the aftermath of the infamous incident.

Just this morning, the Today show crew spent nearly a minute guffawing heartily as guest Chris Rock took domestic violence-tinged jabs at Brown, who is due to perform on the show tomorrow.

No, Chris Brown Didn't Threaten to Beat Up Cher
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[tweet via Reddit, video via TMZ]