Allow us to remind the "good people" (bad people) at the New York Times Style section that they already published the ne plus ultra of enraging Rich People Summer Camp trend stories last year, with their classic "Rich people are sending their kids to expensive summer camps on private jets" piece. No double-dipping in the Most Enraging Rich People Summer Camp Stories pool, NYT. I see you trying.

Why, in my day kids just went to some summer camp and sat in a cabin and made arts and crafts and got malaria and that was that, am I right? Good clean fun, for the middle class. But kids these days, rich kids, why...

For some female campers, that process may now include a visit to the waxing salon for removal of the hair on their legs and underarms, above the lips and even at the bikini line; a keratin straightening to reduce the frizz factor from humidity, swimming and rain; or anti-acne facial.

Why in my day kids did not go and get "a $250 hair-taming treatment that the salon calls Absolute Frizz Control" before they went to the summer camp. In my day we did things differently. Therefore I believe that kids these days are just outrageous. Furthermore the hints of sexuality in this practice make me feel uncomfortable in ways I would prefer not to discuss. You know who I blame? The parents.

Did I do that right, NYT trend masters? Tell your editor this story totally worked.

[NYT. Photo: Shutterstock]