A 43-year-old man from Lousiana's Lafayette Parish was arrested over the weekend for attacking an acquaintance in a manner eerily reminicent of the "Miami Zombie" incident that took place last month.

According to local police, Carl Jacquneaux arrived at the Scott home of Todd Credeur and began assaulting him "over a domestic issue." During the scuffle, Jacquneaux allegedly bit off "a chunk" of Credeur's face. The latter managed to prevent the former from doing further damage by spraying him in the face with wasp spray.

Officers caught up with Jacquneaux in Carencro, at the home of another acquaintance whom he was holding hostage. Jacquneaux had in his possession a knife and a stolen gun. "Very unusual, it's not something we see everyday," said Scott Assistant Police Chief Kert Thomas.

Sheriff's deputies believe Jacquneaux was "under the influence of some kind of drug" at the time of the attack, and a friend of Credeur said that drug was bath salts — the same substance linked to the now-infamous Miami attack.

Jacquneaux was booked into Lafayette Parish Jail on multiple charges of battery and burglary, as well as violation of probation. Credeur was treated in hospital and then released to recover at home.

[screengrab via KATC]