Electro Swedes iamamiwhoami launched their project in 2009 via a series of mysterious viral videos that obscured the image of the singer. There was mass speculation that this might be the work of Goldfrapp or even Christina Aguilera, but then it turned out to be singer-songwriter Jonna Lee who had released a few albums, but clearly wasn't that big of a deal.

All the buildup and letdown were enough to put me off and distract from the idea that this is an actual group making actual music, but 'goods,' the latest in a long line of videos and songs released since Lee's unveiling, has me back on board. This is vaguely what it would have sounded like if Fleetwood Mac dabbled in Chicago house. Lee dances around a smoky, black background with the goofiness of Kate Bush while wearing an outfit clearly inspired by the one Siouxie Sioux wears in the "Happy House" video. I mean, what's not to love?