A Brockton bus driver with a medical condition that causes painful prolonged erections claims in a lawsuit recently filed against the Yale-New Haven Hospital in Connecticut that staff at an affiliated emergency medical facility address his condition in a timely fashion because they were busy watching a baseball game.

According to Daren Scott, he was made to wait for over an hour after arriving at the facility on April 17, 2009. "Notwithstanding this call for help, the staff, including the physicians, continued to watch the baseball game and ignore plaintiff's condition," Scott claims in his federal suit.

Even after finally being called in to see the doctor, Scott continued to be treated poorly. He says the physician would not properly inject the necessary medication, and a urologist was not asked to provide consultation. Scott was eventually transferred to the hospital proper, but was again made to wait — this time for four hours.

The operation to relieve his pain was unsuccessful, leaving him in discomfort for months.

Scott is asking for $2 million in damages, but the hospital says he failed "to follow reasonable medical advice regarding his care and treatment," and, furthermore, the statute of limitations on his claims has expired.

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