Lifetime released the first official photo of Lindsay Lohan in costume as Elizabeth Taylor for the upcoming made-for-TV-movie Liz & Dick. Nuzzling Lohan's neck is Grant Bowler, who is playing Richard Burton.

Everything about this shot is flattering — the lighting, the angle, the fact that black-and-white photography makes it impossible to judge Lohan's current orangeness — but the resemblance is fairly impressive. Possibly less so in this candid photo that E! Online posted earlier. (Hey, she hardly looks orange at all.)

Liz & Dick started filming today in Los Angeles. According to producer Larry Thompson, Lindsay "was in a good mood." I'm sure we can look forward to several weeks of E! stories about the harmonious set, with nary a peep of gossip about Lohan's behind-the-scenes behavior.

[Image via Lifetime/Richard McClaren]