It's not often news when 91-year-old people go to the hospital with a bladder infection, but it is when they're royalty. Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, was "admitted to hospital" (that's how they say it) today, hours before the Queen's jubilee concert. He was said to be "disappointed" to be missing it.

In the hospital with a bladder infection and missing Robbie Williams? That's a bad day.

But Williams wasn't the only Brit pop star performing at the concert, which featured music from every decade of the Queen's reign. About 500,000 ticketless fans turned up for the eclectic show, and really, can you blame them?

Among the lineup were three pop knights, Sir Cliff Richard, Sir Elton John and Sir Paul McCartney. Madness were there too, performing Our House from the palace roof. Jessie J and JLS might not be such familiar figures to the Queen, but certainly were to her grandchildren, who were rocking in the royal box.

Huh. Jessie J. Interesting choice.

Rest assured, Prince Philip should be fine. Great news for the Queen, who has called him "my strength and my stay." She didn't stay for the entire concert, anyway. And she wore earplugs, because she's also really old, and that's just sensible.

Elton John joked that the duke was just faking it because of Prince Philip's musical tastes.

He hates pop music. Anything to get out of a pop concert.

Normally, I would assume that was just a joke. On the other hand, Jessie J.

[Image via AP]