Here in Gawker Media "HQ," the temperature, in the summertime, stays at approximately 43 degrees Fahrenheit (estimated), due to the wonders of air conditioning, necessitating the wearing of winter clothes inside the office during the most sweltering season of the year. Now—in a classic example of the mainstream media turning a minor everyday nuisance into something I can write a blog post about (thank god)—the Washington Post reports that office workers in DC are also very cold in the summer, because of the air conditioning. Coincidence—or trend????

I tell ya, when it's freezing inside the office, but hot outside the office, it makes me be like... "Really??" I'm always turning to my coworkers like, "Really??" I then explain that cranking up the air conditioning so far that one is forced to wear winter clothes when it is summer outside is like, pardon my French, bananas. "It's bananas!" I say, pulling on my hoodie sweatshirt—in the summer, mind you! I have to literally leave a sweatshirt in the office, in the summer time, because the air conditioning makes it so cold inside, even though it is hot outside.

Isn't that interesting?

So, office workers of America: what are your strategies for coping with a cold office in the summer time? I'll go first: I leave a sweatshirt at the office and I wear it when it is cold. What do you do? I'll tell you another thing I've tried: I ask the guy to turn up the thermostat a little bit. Sometimes that works. What do you do? Leave your coping strategies in the discussion section, and we'll discuss who's "hot"—and who's not!

Sometimes I just work from home too because I can more easily control the temperature. What do you do? Tell us in the discussions. (Scarf? Tell us in the discussion section.)

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