Hello, readers. You may have noticed that Gawker's discussion system has been tweaked. Yes, again. Read on to learn about the changes.

As in real life, conversations in Gawker's discussions often diverge into many different strains, and it can be hard to keep track of where the action is. So we've made some changes to our system that will let you easily navigate all the branches of a conversation to find the most interesting discussions.

Here's how it works:

  • Below each post, you'll see the best discussion sparked by that post highlighted automatically. Each row in the discussion is a reply to the row above, starting with a reply to the post itself.
  • If a post or subsequent post gets more than one reply, you will see the number of additional replies along with an arrow in the upper-right corner of the row. Click the arrow to flip through the other replies in that level of the discussion. (The next reply is previewed in an inset box.) When you click the arrow to view another reply, the rows below it will shift to show all of the replies to that reply.
  • At the bottom-right corner of the discussion is a "share" button. This will let you share the permalink to the specific branch you've chosen to highlight, so you can share exactly the discussion you find most interesting.
  • After starting a discussion, you still have the power to dismiss a reply to your post by clicking the "x" next to it. Dismiss a reply if it's irrelevant or annoying, and it will be moved to a new branch in the conversation.

Give it a go, and please let us know if you're having problems.