The spell of The Avengers has been broken.

Nah, not really. While Snow White and the Huntsman won the weekend, The Avengers is still going strong. But at $56.3 million, Snow White does earn the distinction of having the highest grossing weekend since The Avengers took control, so there's that.

And Men in Black III, which was the first film to knock The Avengers from its top spot, continued to take in more than the superhero flick — $29.3 million versus The Avengers' $20.3 million.

The Avengers, however, keeps obnoxiously breaking records. This weekend it pushed The Dark Knight out of the way to become the third-highest grossing film domestically with $552.7 million. And worldwide, it is now up to $1.355 billion, which is obscene.

Meanwhile, everything else tanked. Including — pun acknowledged — Battleship, which slid into fourth place this weekend with a measly $4.8 million.

[Image via AP/Universal Pictures]