You know a news story is going to be good when it begins with, "It will be an explosive-free weekend for the northeast Georgia college student..."

Twenty-three-year-old Celia Alchemy Savage — that name alone should have made her the heroine in a YA trilogy — is currently being held without bail for possession of illegal firearms, explosive devices, and drugs. All in the name of having a good time, right?

Celia Savage allegedly told an FBI agent she likes to blow up toilets in the woods, and said she has made five to seven pipe bombs because "manufacturing explosive devices and detonating them for recreation was her hobby," according to an ATF report.

A YouTube video of Savage blowing shit up was taken down Friday.

The above photo is taken from Savage's public Facebook profile, in which she speaks out against "law enforcement and any governing authority" while advocating "mass destruction." Despite the harsh language and a pretty damning collection of weapons and explosives, Celia's dad Tommy Savage doesn't see what the big deal is.

He was quoted as saying, "I think everybody ought to be able to stay on their property, do whatever the heck they want to."

Fair enough, but what if the things I want to do include not getting blown to pieces by someone's homemade explosive device?

[Image via Facebook]