It's not every day you get a chance to see President Obama speak — and it's even rarer to watch him get introduced by your dad. That's why fifth grader Tyler Sullivan made the wise choice to skip school and head to the Honeywell factory where his dad, Ryan Sullivan, works.

There, Tyler got to meet Obama, and received what may be the coolest absence note ever.

On official presidential stationery, the President scribbled this note—

Mr. Ackerman—

Please Excuse Tyler … he was with me!

Barack Obama

Excellent penmanship. Perfectly crafted periods. Proper use of an exclamation point. It works on every level.

I also just love how it says "THE PRESIDENT" at the bottom. Like in case you weren't sure.

Anyway, I'm guessing the kid or his dad cleared the absence beforehand, but you can't beat this note for bragging rights. My only hope is that Mr. Ackerman (EDIT: not "Ackerson") doesn't try to claim it for himself. Yeah, it's addressed to him, but that would make for a much less adorable story.

My delight with lucky Tyler Sullivan's absence note coup likely dates back to middle school, when I longed for a similar note written by President Clinton: "Dear Coach Kessler, please excuse Louis from P.E. for the rest of time..."

[Image via AP]