Facebook's terms of service are a modern soporific miracle. They are so blindingly dull that I fell out of my chair into a near-coma after struggling through the first paragraph just now. But take these bath salts to stay alert and follow me: Now is your chance to vote on the Facebook terms of service that nobody reads even though we all know we should.

Facebook is proposing some minor changes to its policies, that really won't affect you as a user at all. But thanks to pressure from privacy groups, they've opened up these changes to a vote. According to Digital Trends, the proposed changes are:

  • Updated language that clarifies that Facebook can use your data to serve you advertisements outside of Facebook's Website.
  • The addition of a chart that shows users exactly how Facebook uses cookies
  • Updated language to better explain why Facebook retains user data

They haven't been tweaked to allow the sale of your genome to advertisers for custom "DNAdvertising" or anything.

But who doesn't love voting? You can vote on the proposed changes here. The results are only binding if 30% of Facebook users vote, though. (That's approximately 270,000,000 people.) Considering just 61% of Americans turned out for the last election of the President of the United States, a critical mass is slim.