It's been a pretty crazy week to be skin. One man ate another man's skin off his face. The skin of a foot (and also the other parts of a foot that comprise an entire foot) was mailed to Canadian governmental headquarters. Rose Byrne's skin is dry, dry, so, so dry.

Also, remember a couple weeks ago when all those reports of flesh-eating bacteria started making the rounds? It's been a pretty crazy month to be skin, come to think of it. Who knows what fresh horrors humans will inflict on skin before sundown Thursday?

Hopefully no one will cut off pieces of their own skin and fling it at police officers because that has already been done at this point and biting others' skin atrocities is tired.

In case you missed it, reports that that happened late Sunday night, when police received a call saying Wayne Carter (NOT Weezy F. Baby — if you recall, his birth name is Dwayne) had a knife and was in his home threatening to hurt himself.

When police arrived at Carter's home, they found the door to his bedroom barricaded by furniture. After they kicked it down, authorities say Carter stood up and began stabbing himself "all over his body" with a 12-inch knife while yelling at them.

According to Lt. John Heinemann, "Officers noticed that [Carter's] intestines were protruding through a wound in his abdomen."

Carter allegedly cut off pieces of his skin and intestines and threw them at the cops as they tried to enter his room.

After attempts to subdue Carter with pepper spray reportedly failed, a SWAT team was called in to restrain him, and he was transported to Hackensack University Medical Center, where he remains in critical condition.

Heinemann told CBS New York he believes Carter's actions may have been motivated by drug use or mental illness, rather than a healthy altruistic desire to share his body parts with police officers, but added that this has not yet been confirmed.

[ via CBS New York // Image via AP]