Page Six reported Wednesday that America's weird young spinster aunt Mary-Kate Olsen, 25, is now dating Oliver (né Olivier) Sarkozy, 42, the half-brother of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy. According to the Post, the two were spotted in the Hamptons over Memorial Day weekend (presumably together, or this ain't much of a story), and have been dating for about a month.

Sarkozy, who has two children and an M.A. in Medieval History (which does he prefer talking about, do you think?), is managing director and head of global financial services for the Carlyle Group, a global asset management firm. Mary-Kate Olsen is a founding investigator of the Olsen & Olsen Mystery Agency. As a result of this new union, she is now the President of France.

It is not the first time Olsen has been romantically linked to a Frenchman. In 1999, while on a Spring Break trip to Paris to visit her Grandpa Edward, the U.S. Ambassador to France, Olsen (codename: Melanie Porter) was spotted canoodling with a charming French boy named Michel, no last name given. The two later ended up in police custody for trespassing on the Eiffel Tower and were forbidden from seeing one another until Olsen and her sister, another Olsen, convinced the French Foreign Minister to accept a proposal regarding clean drinking water for the Embassy and then they all went to a dance.

According to Post sources, Mary-Kate and Sarkozy are "‘head over heels'" in love.

Important: The Oxford English Dictionary states that the term "head over heels" was introduced into English as a corruption of "heels over head," an idiom that makes more sense if you're trying to describe something crazy and topsy-turvy like the exciting new romance of Mary-Kate Olsen and Oliver Sarkozy.

Neither Sarkozy nor a rep for Olsen responded to Page Six's request for comment.

In a related story,Ashley Olsen and President Obama's half-brother Malik Obama were recently spotted shopping for windchimes on Fire Island.

[Page Six // Image of Oliver Sarkozy's head via Getty]