Officials at Dalian University of Technology in northern China are reportedly fuming after photos of students celebrating their graduation against the backdrop of their burning school went viral on Chinese social networking sites.

The school's dorms went up in smoke after a fire erupted at a nearby warehouse on Sunday. Several of the students who had been evacuated stopped on the school's lawn to savor the timely incident with a keepsake graduation photo.

"It's too big of a coincidence to see the university on fire today, as it's also graduation day," said the photo's uploader. "The students are filled with love in seeing the school burn."

Dalian officials attempted to combat the image of nonchalance toward school property with photo of students helping the fire department put out the flames with water pistols.

"They show the true spirit of the college," one official is quoted as saying. "Our students shouldn't be celebrating destruction."

[photo Brent-J via WantChinaTimes]