"Why do people hate Jews?" Business Insider's Henry Blodget asks ("it's a serious question"), following in the grand tradition of the sages at Yahoo Answers. "Hitler, for example, hated the Jews so much that he murdered 6 million of them," Blodget points out.

That's it, by the way. This isn't a sophisticated exploration of anti-Semitism: the whole post is just Henry Blodget shooting the shit. Why do people hate Jews, so much?

I don't know, Henry! You figured out why people hate Asians (they buy all the iPhones). Maybe Wikipedia will help? You could start here.

Here's preview of Business Insider's next few articles:

The headline has since been changed to "Why Do Some People Hate Jews?" and the photo to one of Natalie Portman. Aaaaaand, scene:

Update: Blodget has a new question (via @BuzzFeedJack and KTLincoln:

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