Oh that John Edwards, that guy, always combing his hair and having babies out of wedlock while his wife is dying of cancer, that jerk. What is his latest outrageous action, that he did, so that we can all get mad at him, once again, the pretty boy? Let's see, here it is, right in the foldy newspaper with all the pictures:

"Edwards put move on gal, 25."

That... that... that older man! What a... a... older guy! Such a jerk, John Edwards, all putting the moves on an adult woman younger than himself. What sorts of perverted villainy did he perpetrate upon the delicate and virginal 25 year-old body of Andrea Love after he acted all "charming" at a bar one night?

Love said that she finally gave him her number at the end of the night - but that Edwards never called her.

"I haven't talked to him since," she said.

Sicko sex perv loves em (by chatting to them at a bar) and leaves em. What a perv. And this was reportedly "just months" after Edwards' wife died. Is this appropriate time for us to point out that there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG with a man in his 50s chatting up a 25-year-old woman at a bar, except for the fact that he is possibly setting himself up for a polite rejection? Or not, who knows? Different strokes for different sex pervs. The age of consent in North Carolina is 16. The drinking age is 21. This girl was 25. "Hey, that's young enough to be his daughter." Well, is it his daughter? No? Okay. Well. Shut up then. Leering, accusatory articles such as these are just media voyeurism dressed up as concern trolling. Being very concerned about John Edwards hitting on a 25-year-old is much more perverted than John Edwards hitting on a 25-year-old. The fact that John Edwards may in some ways be a scumbag does not change the separate fact that a 25-year-old woman is allowed to fuck anyone she chooses, so stay out of it. (That's what she said.)

Also people are allowed to try to have sex again after their spouses die.

[NYP. Photo: AP]