Early Saturday, a pregnant 22-year-old woman in Detroit was kidnapped, set on fire, and shot. Miraculously, she's expected to make a full recovery — and so is the fetus inside her.

The woman dropped off the baby's father at his home, at which point she was attacked from behind. Two men — one of whom is thought to be the father — bound her hands, feet, and eyes with duct tape, then forced her into a car.

She was taken to an undisclosed location, where she was doused with lighter fluid and set ablaze. One of the men then shot her in the upper back.

But she's fine, really. The woman rolled around and quickly put out the fire. In an even more impressive feat, she broke free of the duct tape and drove herself to the nearest gas station. Once there, she did the most sensible thing and called her mom.

Worth mentioning: she's nine months pregnant.

Warren Police Commissioner Jere Green spoke to the woman's condition and recovery, as well as that of the fetus, which was examined via ultrasound. At no point did he say, "Holy crap, she's some sort of superhero," even though that's clearly the most appropriate reaction.

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