Intelligence. Integrity. Deep pockets.

On Meet the Press Sunday, Newt Gingrich offered some practical advice for anyone interested in running for president.

Raise a lot of money. It's the entry level problem. You've got to be prepared.

He was addressing Maryland governor Martin O'Malley, a Democrat with high political aspirations.

But Gingrich was referencing his own experiences running for president against uber-rich presumptive nominee Mitt Romney. I guess "Raise a lot of money" is more feasible than "Be very, very wealthy."

While Gingrich says he has no regrets, he did speak about the difficulty of a lengthy campaign. (He suspended his campaign last month.) According to Gingrich, the "brutal, tough process" is essential to finding out if you have what it takes to become president.

So, yeah, strength of character. But also lots of dollars.

[Image via AP]