Big news: The Avengers is not the top movie at the box office this weekend. That's right — someone else finally claimed the No. 1 spot. And OK, it was Men in Black III, which isn't very good, and The Avengers still broke $500 million domestically, but still. Did anyone else think The Avengers was going to continue its box office dominance forever?

Well, three weekends at No. 1 is still impressive, especially given that The Avengers is now one of only four films to break half a billion dollars domestically.

But Men in Black III earned a respectable $55 million this weekend, beating the $37 million that The Avengers took in, and far exceeding the third-place film, Battleship, which earned $10.8 million. Battleship is now up to $47.1 million here — which is, I must point out, less than Men in Black III earned over the past three days.

Oh, and here's a little schadenfreude for you: the let's-exploit-a-real-life-tragedy-with-shakycam-horror flick Chernobyl Diaries opened at $8 million and earned some dismal reviews. So, nyah.

[Image via AP]