Rudy Giuliani may be officially supporting Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, but that doesn't mean he thinks Romney's achievements trump his own.

And he has to say something — back in 2008, when they were both running for office, Giuliani criticized Romney's record. Now he clarifies that he was only criticizing Romney's accomplishments in reference to Giuliani's own greatness. And honestly, which of us looks good compared to Rudy Giuliani and his "personal ego"?

Appearing on CNN's State of the Union, Giuliani elaborated on his past remarks.

Maybe it was circumstances or whatever, but I had massive reduction in unemployment. He had a reduction in unemployment of about 8, 10, I think it was 15%. I had a reaction of unemployment of 50%.

See, it's not about Romney not being worthy — it's about Giuliani being way, way better.

Still, Giuliani contends, Romney is more successful at what he's done than rival Barack Obama has been. I guess Romney's lucky that he's running against the current POTUS and not the former mayor of New York.

What's that? You want to hear more about Giuliani's successes?

They had a growth of jobs of about 40,000. We had a growth of jobs of 500,000. So I was comparing what I thought was my far superior record to his otherwise decent second.

But seriously, go ahead and vote for Romney. He's a "decent" choice.

[Image via AP]