"Home is where the heart is." "Bless this mess." "Sometimes I get emotional over fonts."

If you're going to hang up embroidery around your home, you might as well opt for an original sentiment. Which is why I'm grateful Regretsy brought this to our attention — embroidered Kanye West tweets. Etsy seller supervelma has found the perfect way to commemorate Kanye's unique stream of consciousness style, with a classic, cozy feel.

As supervelma explains it, Kanye's appeal is his relatability.

Really, though, Kanye's just saying what we're all thinking — who amongst us hasn't lamented the inability to procure a decent cherub-decorated rug or, at one time or another, needed to apologize to Taylor Swift? And for all of his grandiosity, he does have moments of introspection and self-awareness.

Probably less so when he's dating Kim Kardashian.

Incidentally, supervelma will let you pick any Kanye tweet if you buy one of her embroideries. I'll be bold and suggest this recent gem: "I Hate big ass striped scarves." Or if you're looking for something a bit more profound, there are plenty more thought-provoking Kanye-isms. Remember, "The world is our office."

[Image via Esty]