An elderly woman named Laverne says she is fulfilling a decade-long dream of skydiving at the start of a souvenir video recorded at the Parachute Center in Northern California.

But the dream devolves into a living nightmare in a hurry as the 80-year-old is pushed out of the plane by her tandem master with a loose harness that quickly comes undone, leaving the poor woman dangling thousands of feet above ground.

Luckily, the jump ended with Laverne touching down safely, but something tells me she won't be asking to go again.

(Note: Some have brought up the possibility that the video is staged, suggesting that "Laverne" is wearing a mask, but ABC News called the company and confirmed its authenticity. The center said the video was a year old, but would not provide any additional information.)

[H/T: The Chive via The Sun]