It turns out working for self-proclaimed (though non-Mensa-proclaimed) member of Mensa Sharon Stone might not be the pleasant, non-crazy picnic you thought it would be. According to Stone's former nanny, the actress is racist, irrational, and just generally Sharon Stone.

So she's suing her.

Erlinda Elemen began working for Stone in October of 2006, when she was hired to act as an assistant nanny to one of Stone's three children. In September of 2008, around the time Stone lost custody of her oldest son, Roan, Elemen was promoted to "head nanny"—a live-in position.

According to Elemen's complaint, things were going along fine until 2010, at which point Sharon Stone abruptly realized she does not much care for Filipinos.

Court documents allege that Stone began making "numerous derogatory comments" about Elemen's accent, and eventually forbade her from speaking to the children altogether, telling Elemen she didn't want them "to talk like you."

Kind of weird that the kids' nanny should suddenly fall silent after four years of speaking to them as normal, but what an interesting passage that will make in their future memoirs.

In addition, the complaint states that Stone mocked Filipino food (educate yourself to this reality) and made comments that "equated being Filipino with being stupid."

She also banned Elemen, who describes herself as "deeply religious," from reading the bible in her room.

And then she started to fux with her money.

Oh HELL no.

Elemen says that Stone went ballistic in January of 2011, when she learned the nanny had been paid overtime (as required by California law) for traveling with the children and working on holidays. Stone allegedly accused Elemen of "stealing" and demanded she return the money, telling her she had acted illegally by accepting it. When Elemen protested, Stone cut her hours and pay and, Elemen says, began "to repeatedly berate" her in front of guests and other staff members for a period of three weeks.

Then Elemen was straight up fired via a quite terse email (courtesy of Radar Online):

"This email will terminate your employment without cause, as of today, Friday 8, 2011. Thank you for your services. I invite you to come by and say goodbye to Laird and Quinn.
Best Regards,
Sharon Stone — See me for a letter of reference.


That would be one hell of a letter of reference.

Elemen is seeking an unspecified amount for unpaid wages, damages and penalties.

Of course, the complaints addressed in Elemen's court documents are all valid ones and, for sure, Stone should be sued if they're true, but, be honest — weren't you expecting something a little crazier from Sharon Stone than casual racism and a poor grasp of California employment laws?

Something a little more Jenna Maroney?

Disappointed in you, Sharon Stone. For very conflicting reasons.

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