Canadian Pacific Rail employees searching for an Alberta man who had just been run over by a train were shocked to find him unhurt underneath the 26th car.

The man had apparently passed out drunk on the tracks and couldn't hear the oncoming train, nor the conductor's horn. Luckily, it seems his "slight stature" saved his life by allowing the train to pass over him without incident.

After he eventually came to, the man simply "got up, grabbed his beer and headed on his way."

"There's been tragic stories in the past of people passing out on railway tracks and they lose limbs or their lives," said RCMP Sgt. Dave Dubnyk. "I've never seen the likes of it. Until this, I wouldn't have known that a person could actually fit under (there) especially the engine of the train. They look like there's very minimal clearance."

[photo via CP Rail]