Today, in the year 2012, long after Martin Luther King Jr. and all those other guys marched and stuff, there still exists, right here in New York City, the type of discrimination that would have made Sojourner Truth stand up and say, "I don't think so!" [Pause for laughter.] That's right: salons are charging dudes different prices than women, for stuff, sometimes.

At long last, NYC authorities are cracking down on salons that charge, say, a few bucks less for a man's haircut, or a few bucks more for a man's manicure, if a man ever were to get a manicure, for some odd reason. How do these sexists scofflaws justify their discriminatory reign of beauty price terror? The WSJ reports:

At Vanilla Hair Spa, manager Oksana, who didn't want to give her last name, said the charge to wax men used to be $5 more than for women.

"If someone's waxing a man's back and a woman's back, it's like day and night," she said. "Of course it takes longer for men. It's more labor, more product."

Okay, but what about Tricia the Monkey Woman whose back hair is a veritable forest? See that's why we have the law.

[WSJ. Photo: Rochelle Hartman/ Flickr]