At 42 years of age, stuntman Gary Connery has become the first person to jump from 2,400 feet above the ground without a parachute and live to talk about it.

Though he had some 18,600 cardboard boxes and a wingsuit to break his fall, the British daredevil still have to ensure that conditions at Temple Island Meadows in Buckinghamshire were just right before attempting the historic feat.

"I'm 100 per cent confident I can achieve this jump," Connery said prior to the jump, adding that he was "a bit scared." But knowing that his accomplishment "will be a post in the runway of aviation history" kept him on track.

"I'm sure plenty of people will think I'm bonkers," he said, "but that's OK, I take that as a compliment."

[video via ITV News via @Alex_Ogle]