Summer can terrible for those stuck in the city. The air stinks of tourist's sweaty sunblock residue, all the good-looking, rich locals are at beach houses you could never afford, and your 4th floor walk-up is barbarically under air-conditioned. However, if you take this short survey, you could win this portable gas grill—the perfect preemptive way to make the dog days of summer less doggy. Drag it to your roof/ fire escape/ abandoned lot down the block, and you'll be flipping burgers and pretending you where somewhere else in no time!

To enter, send the last question of the survey to with "Portable Gas Grill" as the subject line. Standard contest rules apply. Only open to US residents. Readers may also enter by sending their answer to the survey and their contact information to Gawker Media, Attn: Portable Gas Grill Contest, 210 Elizabeth Street, Third Floor, New York NY 10012. The contest begins on May 15 at 11:59 am EST and ends on June 24 at 11:59 pm EST.