America's sweetheart Chris Brown drew ire earlier this week when celebrities took to Twitter to lambast his recent appearance at the Billboard Awards.

It seems Brown, one of America's most popular providers of music for chewing gum commercials, lip-synced his way through the Sunday night performance of his single "Turn Up the Music."

The show started well enough. Brown rode out on a little bike and commanded a cartoon robot with a skull's head and star-shaped eye sockets to "ACTIVATE FUNZONE!"

The Funzone was activated. The music to "Turn Up the Music" was turned up. But Brown's vocals were not.

P!nk don't play that.

P!nk's husband, motocross rider Carey Hart, don't play that. (He later clarified his anti-lip-syncing tweet was directed at Brown, not Katy Perry.)

Joe Jonas was also really confused and upset??? .....

Eventually Brown himself entered the fray, assuring us all that we might live a thousand lifetimes before he ceases doing him, and asking his legion of fans to stop sending death threats to people who criticize him. (His theory being that, in so doing, Team Breezy risks turning H8RZ into victims.) (Chris Brown is something of an expert on victims.)

The disappointing thing is, these vehemently anti-lip-syncing celebrities may have been letting their feelings about Chris Brown's documented horrific acts of violence and frequent temper tantrums (he reportedly got in a fight the night of the Billboard Awards) cloud their judgement regarding his performance of the former number 12 song on the Irish singles chart.

Remember the days when Chris Brown could go around inserting his fist into women's faces and the most any celebrity would say about it is that he was a "young and beautiful" person "and that's it"?

Has America has become jaded?

Girl, you know it's true.

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