If I were to pick one person who should be the proper judge of all the world's morality, I would pick cheap tabloid columnist Andrea Peyser, who hates gays, Muslims, and minorities with the same fervor that she loves lurid sexual innuendo. She just seems like the best choice, to pass judgment on those who she deems to be insensitive. I don't see any problems with that.

Andrea, might you be able to pause from saying shockingly insensitive things about the Tyler Clementi suicide case long enough to tell us who is being shockingly insensitive about the Tyler Clementi suicide case?

Why wasn't Tyler Clementi's mother prosecuted for a hate crime?

Why wasn't his pervy gay lover brought up on charges of indifference?

Wise words of progress and forgiveness, as always. Pray tell us Andrea, as you gnaw at the charred leg of a stolen baby, who else should be prosecuted for this tragedy?

Why prosecute a doofus douche bag - and possible closet case - like Ravi? Why not go after every single kid whoever shouted an anti-gay slur? Or every mother who rejected her gay son?

Why not indeed? And who else should we go after?

"M.B.,'' the predatory now-33-year-old Romeo, had a thing for sex in a freshman dorm room, but wouldn't buy Tyler a lousy cup of coffee. He failed to reveal his face or his name yesterday. But in a statement read to the court, he, too, gave vast hints of guilt.

His tone of voice betrayed guilt, to the omniscient Judge Peyser? Off with his testicles! Can we find one more good target for our vengeance?

I looked over at Jane Clementi who, too, knows what it is to lose a son.

She was too busy texting on her smartphone to look up, or as much as listen.

Yeah kill her too, why not.

Yo when I read Andrea Peyser now it's just like, barf. More jokes next time!