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Andy Cohen is the kind of powerful television executive who gives himself a weekly talk show and then promotes that talk show to five days a week. Andy Cohen is also the kind of powerful television executive who brings his famous friends on his talk show. Tonight those friends were Jerry Seinfeld and Matthew Broderick. Here, Jerry reminisces about his first Tonight Show appearance, early Seinfeld press photos and other tidbits about the heyday of the show.

One little thing, though. How can Jerry's least favorite Seinfeld episode be the one where novelist Owen March has a stroke in his apartment? I mean, ok, maybe that's not the nicest thing to happen on the show but Owen fully recovered and "the Alternate Side" is the episode with "these pretzels are making me thirsty," the Woody Allen shoot on Jerry's block, Sid the alternate side parker who gets Jerry's car stolen and then they call the car thief (who later returns Kramer's gloves), and the classic "anyone can take a reservation, you have to hold the reservation" speech at the car rental place. It's a great episode, Jerry, a great episode.