Still in the number one spot this week, The Avengers earned another $55.1 million, well outperforming Battleship, which took in a measly $25.3 million. That might not sound too bad, but given Battleship's budget, it's pretty embarrassing. In fact, this is the worst domestic opening ever for a film with a budget of at least $200 million.

It's not all bad news for Battleship, though: like The Avengers, the movie did pretty well overseas. So far, it has earned $226.8 million, which exceeds its $209 million budget.

But let's talk about The Avengers, because it continues to break records and be a grossly impressive financial success. Joss Whedon's superhero team-up flick has now earned about $457.1 million. It also beat The Dark Knight's record for earning $450 million — getting there in just 17 days, as opposed to The Dark Knight's 27.

Oh, and in case you were dying to know how Sacha Baron Cohen's latest satire did, The Dictator came in third place this weekend with $17.4. Not terrible, but less than Borat and Bruno, which is hopefully discouraging enough to get Baron Cohen to cut it out.

[Image via AP]