Like so many of the people we went to high school with, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg let us know about his marriage to Priscilla Chan with a Facebook update. In a photo posted to Facebook, Zuckerberg and Chan pose as a married couple — with Zuck wearing a suit instead of his trademark hoodie, as all news reports have been keen to point out.

Both parties changed their Facebook relationship statuses immediately, because this is 2012 and Mark Zuckerberg likes to keep his Facebook friends updated. I'm more curious to see if anyone will follow Zuck's example and actually start adding life events to timeline.

Gizmodo has details on the simple ceremony, which took place in Zuckerberg's backyard in front of fewer than 100 guests. Those in attendance thought they were celebrating Chan's medical school graduation. (Presumably Chan was prepared to actually get married.)

Zuckerberg's life event is still awaiting a "like" from Erica Albright.

[Image via Facebook]